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Xbox Vs PlayStation

Updated: Sep 22

A video game gladiator fights to the finish, but how did it begin? Rumors say Microsoft never wanted to develop video game hardware. Microsoft originally started out in gaming wanting to team up with hardware companies of the time most notably yea you guessed it, Sony.

Fast forwarding the present day we see that the deal didn't go as Microsoft had planned in turn Microsoft introduced the Xbox Game System which would in turn go head-on with the Nintendo 64 and the Sony PlayStation we'll leave you to decide who won the battle .If you've never experienced either look no further than these links below

Plus for this system has to be the fact that you could download musical albums and add custom soundtracks to your games and also memory system built in for game saves.

Plus for this system are title favorites Like Spyro and Crash Bandicoot.

Who will win? Let Us know in the comments who you choose?

Which system did you like better?

  • PlayStation 1

  • Xbox Gaming Systems

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