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Starfield Takes Flight

Updated: Nov 18

Today I started my first playthrough of Starfield. I saw a couple of reviews downplaying some elements of the game such as shooting and pedestrians not running. But looking closer into the genre Bethesda is trying to achieve. Having a main story or even side quest involving runaway pedestrians is not a good look for a role-playing game, especially with AI remembering interactions wouldn't help the story progress quite smoothly so I dived in with an open mind and played through what I would call the intro. I have to say first impressions the world feels very vast and lived in a way Grand Theft Auto makes you feel when you enter, and that says a lot being that I have yet to experience much gameplay only one battle so far.

I like the character diversity and traits they're bringing to the table no one trick pony starts for Starfield, it gives a sense that you are whoever you want to be in the new world Bethesda is bringing upon us I'm anxious to see how traits I chose impacts my player later in the game. mechanics didn't seem to give me much of a problem either and there are no crazy Skyrim glitches on me as of yet on a mid-tier gaming PC. Good signs so far.

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