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Revisiting Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012

Oh, my word. I don't even know what genre to call it. Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012 I remember being very late to the game PlayStation 2 had already been released but me and my brother made a pivot. We came across Rogue Trip on PlayStation 1 the golden gem.

The insane madness of the post-apocalyptic Bid Daddy's Wonderland and auto mercenary madness. The crazy car selection from the Meat Wagon to the Glitter Rocket. Me and my brother would play without a PS1 memory card and beat the game once a day for months straight Oh good times.

When I mention the game to people they often don't know much about it to that I say it's a shame more people haven't experienced such a masterpiece, but if you do I would love to hear about your memories and experiences.

If interested in checking it out I have left two links below. The first link is where you can find the strategy guide and the second is if you haven't already found the actual game.

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