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Revisiting ESPN NFL Football 2K5

Thinkng football video games you can't help but think back to over 20 years ago where some argue two of the best football games ever were released in 2004 simultaneously. ESPN NFL Football 2K5 and Madden NFL 2005 I remember being very young and loving Madden but being drawn to the mycribs addition to the ESPN series.

ESPN Football was and is still one of my favorite games of all time bringing in special guest appearances from the likes of Steve-O ,Jamie Kennedy , Funkmaster Flex, Carmen Electra and David Arquette. When that Mycribs phone rung you knew to pick your best team and bring your a game I can still remember the faces Steve-O made as touchdowns were being scored lol good times.

Oh the trophy room the mini games within games to win specific trophies brought challenges into sports games that made replay ability and more fun times for any players of any age.Ofcourse at the time I had the PlayStation 2 so when I say arguably one of the best PlayStation 2 games of all time even Xbox being that 2k games allowed custom soundtracks.

Though Madden 2005 was no slouch of a game and bolstered it's on features to make you rave in nostalgia ESPN NFL 2K5 still remains that sports game before it's time and will always be cherish by me if you have any memories of ESPN NFL 2K5 comment them bellowed we'd love to hear them.

Which Football Video Game Did You Like Better?

  • 0%ESPN NFL Football 2K5

  • 0%NFL Madden 2005

  • 0%I haven't played 1 or the other .

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